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Emergency Information – If You Fear Being Taken Abroad for a Forced Marriage

If you fear you may be taken abroad and forced to marry:

  1. Try to find a way to keep from going. Ask for assistance from a trusted adult such as a teacher, social worker, or other professional. Impress upon them the importance of not talking to anyone in your family about this.
  2. If you cannot find a way to keep from going:
    • Register online with the Canadian government at:
      The information you provide here will be kept confidential.
    • Make two sets of photocopied documents
      • one to take with you and keep hidden
      • one to leave with a trusted adult (teacher, social worker, friend or parent of friend)

      These documents should include photocopies of:

      • Passport
      • Driver’s Licence
      • Birth Certificate
      • Flight details (Airline, Flight number, dates and times of departure and return)
      • Prescriptions for any important medications
    • Leave with a Trusted Adult – in addition to the above documents:
      • A recent picture of yourself
      • Overseas contact information:
        Names of people you will be staying with and your relationship to them
        Address of place where you will be staying
      • Names and contact details of people you will be traveling with
    • Take with you and Keep Hidden:
      • Currency of the destination country
      • Cell phone for texting internationally (keep sound and vibration turned off)
      • Copy of above listed documents
      • List of resources and organizations in Canada that can help
      • List of resources and organizations in the destination country

      Places to conceal documents and phone:

      • Hidden within suitcase lining
      • Hidden within purse lining
      • Important numbers can be printed small, folded and taped to the back of a
        pendant or watch, or inside a shoe or boot (hide in more than one place)
    • Memorize Global Affairs Phone Number:
      613-996-8885 (call collect outside of Canada)
  3. If you cannot escape before getting to the airport, place a metal spoon in your underpants. This will set off an alarm when you attempt to go through security. Agents will take you to a private room because of the location of the metal object. Once you are there, inform them of your situation.