I Do Project

Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Group

The Survivors’ Group provides support to it’s members, plans and carries out activities in the community, conducts outreach, and engages in any other activities the members decide upon.

The Survivors’ Group is also the core of the Survivors’ Network. At present, we have one Survivors’ Group operating in Toronto. We would love to see Survivors’ Groups forming across the country, connected to each other by the Survivors’ Network.

The Survivors’ Group is open to anyone who has experienced, or has been at risk of, forced marriage or FGM, whether that experience is recent or in the past.  If you would like to join the Survivors’ Group, please contact: admin@idoproject.ca 

Survivors’ Network

The Survivors’ Network will join survivors from different parts of Canada, and eventually the world, so that they can refer survivors in need to services and supports when they find themselves in a different location, or when they need to move for safety purposes.

The Network will share news, success stories and strategies for change. Network members can plan country-wide or global actions and share them with the rest of the Network.